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How have you been doing? Introductions seem to be in order so let’s start with us! We are Airbucks, a lean and super focused Product Design & Branding agency based out of New Delhi, India.

Our Just Cause,

We are driven by a just cause, a cause each member of our organisation truly and whole-heartedly believes in. That is to enable the growth of not just organisations but of each and every individual of tomorrow. Life is a constant learning process and all of us are nothing but students of it, we embrace flaws and appreciate honesty. At Airbucks trust and communication is given priority over numbers and performance, we are a safe haven for every creative and artistic thought set in motion. Each member of our organisation is expected and encouraged to develop and grow their skills and constantly learn new concepts.

Nothing matters to us more than our people

Manmeet Singh Rayat

Founder, Creative Head

Vaibhav Tyagi

Co-Founder, Business Head

Anuj Sehgal

Head Designer

Shayan Alam

Jr UI Designer

Purusharth Sharma

Technology Head

Siddharth Sehra

Marketing Head

And so in order to save the world, we feel immensely
responsible for delivering the best of


Communication Training
Brand Strategy
Pitch Deck Consultation
Design Consultation
Client Comm. Training


Identity Design
Logo Design
Custom Icon Design
Creative Packaging
Brand Image Management

Graphic Design

Social Media Design
T-shirt Design
3D Graphic Design
Poster Design
Book Design

Product Design

UI Design
UX Research
UI/UX Auditing
Prototyping & Testing


IOS/Android Native Apps